Please check with your nearest Simply Helping office if this service is available in your area.

Supporting a loved one with a life threatening illness can be challenging, particularly if the focus turns away from treatment, towards providing comfort. If circumstances change suddenly, this can be an emotional and confusing time for everyone. Access to information and urgent planning become vital to provide the best support possible for the patient and the family.

Our in-home palliative care specialists, including carers, nurses and office staff can help you explore all your options and assist you to make the best choices.  In-home palliative care makes it possible for your loved one to remain at home, in familiar surroundings with the people and things they love.

Our experienced in-home palliative care nurses are exceptional. They provide compassionate care to alleviate suffering and improving the quality of your loved one’s remaining life. By carefully understanding the needs of both our patients and their families, we are able to work closely with specialists, doctors, pharmacists and other health providers.

Often, the primary carer can feel a tremendous sense of relief, knowing that;

  • their decision-making process is assisted by experienced professionals
  • their loved one is supported by compassionate and qualified staff
  • their important needs are being met in the comfort of the family home.

Many families find in-home palliative care with one-on-one support to be more personal and more dignified than receiving care in a hospital. We are sensitive to everyone’s requirements, tailoring unique support programmes that consider cultural, spiritual, gender and language preferences. Through regular reviews, we are also sensitive to the changing needs of all concerned.

Simply Helping can provide 24-hour in-home nursing care, including, medication management and administration, personal care, wound care, respite care and more, allowing you to simply be a loving family member, friend, or companion.