Please check with your nearest Simply Helping office if this service is available in your area.

As we gracefully grow older, most people want to continue living in their own home. The same applies for those experiencing a disability. You feel safe and comfortable in your familiar surroundings. However, if you’re not in regular contact with other people there can be a downside.

Family members visit as often as they can while trying to balance their own work, home and family lives.  If you are living alone and you don’t have a social network to rely on, you run the risk of feeling isolated.

At Simply Helping, we understand the importance of social support and regular companionship. By matching you with one of our friendly carers, based on your interests and preferences, you will be in good hands. Enjoy interesting visits and conversation on days and times that suit you. Often, the confidence gained from regular in-home visits will lead to other activities, such as:

  • A trip to the movies
  • Taking a walk in the local park
  • Selecting plants for the garden
  • Watching the local sports team
  • A coffee at your favourite café
  • Company over lunch or dinner
  • Meeting a community interest group
  • Writing about the family history

Your family will be reassured knowing that you look forward to that cup of tea and chat, or a social outing with someone who takes a personal interest in what is important to you. Exercise, good nutrition, and a restful night’s sleep are all important, but companionship is irreplaceable. Social interaction supports many aspects of your overall health and happiness, particularly as you age.