Which Services Do Home Care Providers Offer?

If you’re considering home care for the first time, you might be wondering—which services do home care providers actually offer? Let’s find out!

What is Home Care?

Home care is an umbrella term for a handful of services designed to support the everyday lives of older adults and people with disability. With home care, you don’t need to move to a live-in facility like a nursing home to get the help you need. Instead, help will come to you while you live comfortably in your own home! It’s perfect for anyone who might need an extra hand with day-to-day stuff like cleaning, cooking, or even personal care. However, home care doesn’t only cater to basic needs; it can also include assistance with medical concerns, 24-hour care, and more.

Common Home Care Services

It differs between home care providers, but in general, most providers will offer these standard services:

Some home care providers might also offer more niche services like pet sitting, babysitting, community nursing, recovery coaching, dementia care, and more.

How to Organise Home Care

Organising home care might feel daunting, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Start by assessing your or your loved one’s needs and figure out what kind of support you’d like—help with household chores, personal care, or transport, for example. Then, decide if you’re interested in government funding for your services. If so, and you’re over 65, contact My Aged Care. If you’re under the age of 65 and living with a disability, get in touch with the NDIS instead. Follow the instructions of either the NDIS or My Aged Care and apply for your funding. Once your funding is approved, you can find a home care provider who offers the services you need and give them a call! The rest should be super smooth sailing as you create your care plan and begin receiving your services. A happy and healthy life at home (with added support!) isn’t far away.

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