Which Aged Care Services Can I Get At Home?

In home care is often a great choice for older adults, with flexible, tailored care options available. But deciding you might benefit from some extra support can sometimes feel like stepping into a world of the unknown. So, to take the guesswork out of organising home care, here are a handful of aged care services available from home, to help you live a comfortable and independent life as you age.

Aged Care Services Available at Home

Social Support

Companionship is essential for good mental health. And although friends and family visit as much as they can, some of us may benefit from some additional social support. That’s why many in home aged care providers offer in home social visits and companionship.

Depending on your preferences, social support could mean a range of different things. You might like a friendly carer to visit your home for a regular catch-up over tea or coffee. Or to venture out into community and see a movie. Or maybe some company while you take a walk in the park. Either way, social support can be an invaluable service to access from home.

Personal Care

Personal care services are available at home to assist you or your loved one in living an independent and healthy life. Carers can make regular home visits to help with mobility, hygiene, grooming, dressing, toileting, meals, and more. Seeking assistance with personal care can be daunting, so receiving this type of care from the comfort of home can take some stress away.


Many in home aged care providers offer transport services, to keep you connected to your community while aging at home. Whether you need to attend an appointment or consultation. Or go shopping for groceries or a birthday present. Or maybe you’d like to visit friends at a local café. Transport services can get you from A to B, and back again, and provide support at your destination if required.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is no longer reserved for hospitals and residential facilities. Thankfully, many in home aged care providers now offer palliative care. So, your loved one can stay in the environment they’re most comfortable in, for as long as possible. Compassionate palliative care nurses work closely with healthcare professionals to provide your loved one with the best care at home during a difficult time.

Domestic Care

Domestic care services assist you or your loved one with chores and tasks around the home. Running a household can become difficult as we age. So, domestic assistance can be very valuable for older adults in need of support. Carers can assist with all of your household needs, including cleaning, tidying, washing clothes and dishes, and more.

Respite Care

Primary carers do a wonderful job looking after their loved ones. But as we all know—you can’t pour from an empty cup. Respite aged care services offer you or your loved one rest from their role as a primary carer from the comfort of home. So, you or your loved one can return to their role refreshed, energised and at their best.

Home Maintenance

To support you while you age safely and comfortably at home, in home aged care often includes home maintenance. Friendly carers can assist with the installation of safety equipment or assistive technology. Or carers can provide assistance with minor home repairs and regular safety checks.


Gardening can be physically taxing and may become more difficult as we age. Aged care gardening service providers can help you or your loved one enjoy a well-maintained and safe garden—without the fuss. Aged care gardening services might include planting, pruning, watering, green waste removal, gutter cleaning, lawn mowing, and more.

Pet Care

Aging shouldn’t have to mean giving up our furry family members. So, in home aged care service providers may offer pet care. A friendly carer will visit you or your loved one, take your furry friend for a regular walk, and provide food and water.

Community Nursing

Visiting doctors, sitting in waiting rooms and travelling to and from appointments can become tiresome. If you’re injured, recovering from surgery, or unwell, aged care community nurses can visit you in your home to offer compassionate and high-quality care. So, you can recover in the comfort of your own home, in your own bed, while receiving the support you need.

If you or your loved one could use a bit of extra support, Simply Helping is here. Our comprehensive in home aged care is flexible and tailored to fit your lifestyle. Click here to learn more about our in home aged care services. Or contact us today to find out which services are available in your local area.

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