Simply Helping for Twenty-Two Years

In June, we celebrate our twenty-second birthday!

That’s twenty-two years supporting people as they achieve their goals.

Twenty-two years of valuable home care experience.

Twenty-two years of learning, implementing, and improving care services.

Twenty-two years tailoring home care solutions for thousands of people.

It’s been a privilege to support the community for twenty-two years, and look forward to many more years simply helping people achieve and retain their independence at home.

How it all began

Simply Helping started with the vision of one woman. With an extensive background in the health care industry, Angela Feery-Richards recognised that many people living with disability or experiencing the challenges of ageing, preferred to remain living in the familiar surrounds of home. With a genuine desire to enhance the lives of others, she decided it was time to make a difference.

In 1998 Angela established Simply Helping in Horsham Victoria, offering personalised, flexible in home care and support services.

Building a reputation for tailoring excellent care solutions for people from all walks of life, it didn’t take long for Simply Helping to grow. By opening locations in other parts of regional Victoria, Simply Helping could also offer services to people living in Gippsland, South-West Victoria, Central Highlands and Geelong.

In 2008 Simply Helping adopted a franchise model to increase the provision of a wide range of home care services. This allowed for even more flexibility and a community-driven approach, with local franchise owners caring for local people.

Over the last five years, Simply Helping has expanded to another nine locations in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia.

All Simply Helping owners are passionate about upholding the values that drive Simply Helping, and share a strong connection with their community. They strive to provide skilled, trusted in home care and support services that add value, meaning and dignity to the lives of others.

What we do

Most Simply Helping locations are registered NDIS disability service providers and My Aged Care service providers. Our full suite of services include domestic care, social support, personal care, respite care, home maintenance, home help, transport, gardening, and more. In home care can look different for each individual. Depending on your circumstances, you may require a little help every now and then, or have needs requiring help daily. Our flexible approach means we can customise a solution to suit you.

In addition to offering a full suite of in home care services, many Simply Helping locations focus on specialised areas of care. This may include welfare checks, palliative care, pet sitting and dog walking, babysitting, community nursing, mental health support, access to the community, attendant care, clean-ups and declutter, skills development, and more.

Follow the links to learn more about us, our mission and values, our in home care services, or to find a Simply Helping location near you.

Simply Helping for 22 years