Home Care Packages
in Leongatha, Vic 3953

Are you looking for home care packages in Leongatha? Simply Helping is an approved home care package provider servicing Leongatha and surrounding areas. Our home care services help you live independently at home as you age.

Our popular home care package services in Leongatha include: 

  • Home Care Packages Level 1 – 4. Various home care options to match your needs.
  • Case Management. Helping you get the most from your home care package.
  • Aged Care. Mixed care and support services help you live safely at home.
  • Home Care. Support with day-to-day living at home and in the community.
  • Home Help. House cleaning and other household chores to keep a neat home.
  • Domestic Assistance. Help with domestic errands, shopping, and meals.
  • In-home Respite Care. Quality care for your loved one in the comfort of home.
  • Personal Care. Assistance with hygiene, bathing, dressing, and medications.
  • Social Support. Maintain social connections in the Leongatha community.
  • Transport. Transport to take you to and from outings and appointments.
  • Companionship. Friendly company for social activities and conversation.
Simply helping

Home Care Packages: Level 1-4

In Leongatha, we provide home care packages from Level 1 to Level 4. Level 1 provides basic support for daily activities. Level 2 offers more frequent assistance for those with low-level care needs. Level 3 caters to intermediate care needs, providing additional help. Level 4 delivers comprehensive support for high-level care needs. Simply Helping ensures you receive the right care. Our team personalises services to fit your unique situation. Additionally, our case management ensures you get the most appropriate and effective support. For more details on home care packages and eligibility, visit the My Aged Care website at myagedcare.gov.au.

Tailored Aged Care at Home

Simply Helping offers aged care services that adapt to your lifestyle. Choose from various Home Care Package services to stay independent. Personal care supports your hygiene and daily routines. Home help covers house cleaning and everyday chores. Social support keeps you active in the Leongatha community. Transport services get you to appointments and events. In-home respite care allows family caregivers a break. Our home care services are flexible and personalised to make your daily life easier.

Why Choose Simply Helping for Your Home Care Package?

Simply Helping is a registered provider of home care packages in Leongatha. We are easy to contact, and your call is always answered by a team member rather than a call centre. As a local aged care provider, we can adapt quickly if your needs change. Most importantly, our care team is skilled and compassionate, bringing empathy to your care.

Contact Simply Helping to learn more about our home care packages in Leongatha.