How Respite Care Can Benefit You and Your Loved One.

Are you the primary carer for a loved one? If so, you will know how much time and dedication goes into providing this special type of care. However, it’s important to remember to take time out for yourself. You should make sure your needs are being supported as well.

Respite care can provide the temporary break you may need to check back in with your own wellbeing. For you, this could mean taking a holiday, or even just taking time to look after yourself. Respite care gives you the time you need to recharge. Here are some ways that respite care can benefit you and your loved one.

Recharge and rebalance

Respite care allows you to recharge and rebalance your priorities. While giving the care your loved ones need may be at the top of your list, you should be taking care of yourself as well. This way, you’ll be able to provide care to the best of your ability.

Studies have shown that caregivers report almost double the amount of health issues as non-caregivers. This highlights the importance of taking time out to care for yourself. If you are feeling run-down from stretching yourself too thin, your loved ones will not benefit in the long-term. Respite care can provide a temporary solution to ensure you do not burn out. By taking a break you’ll come back refreshed and better than ever.

Building trust in others

It’s okay if you can’t do it all, all the time. Allow yourself some time off every now and then. Simply Helping provide more than just respite care. We also provide social support, community nursing, personal care, domestic care, and more. There’s no need to put the pressure on yourself to be the only one to provide care to your loved one. It’s okay to ask for help.

Respite care is a chance for both of you to build trust with another carer. Carers are mindful of your care routine, and do things just as you would, to support normality. Respite care also allows your loved one to interact with new people, which can be refreshing.

Nourish your relationship

When you are the primary carer, you can sometimes lose sight of other aspects of your relationship with your loved one. You might be taking care of a close friend, family member, child or spouse. But, it’s important to remember who you are to each other away from your caregiving relationship.  Respite care can offer you the chance to step back as the carer for a while, so you can be reminded of the special bonds you share with each other.

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