Aged Care in Kyneton, Loddon Mallee, VIC 3444

Is it time to organise aged care in Kyneton for yourself or a loved one?

If you or your loved one could use a bit of extra help, our in home aged care in Kyneton could be the answer. Here at Simply Helping Loddon Mallee, our in home aged care is flexible and designed to suit your lifestyle.

Here are some of the services included in our aged care in Kyneton:

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The Benefits of In Home Aged Care

In home aged care is becoming more popular in Australia, with more older adults choosing to receive care in their own homes. Unlike traditional aged care (such as nursing homes), in home aged care is flexible and tailored to the person in need of care. It can include as little or as much support as is needed, and because in home aged care is personalised, it allows older adults to keep their pets, hobbies, and lifestyle, without compromising on quality of care. Don’t settle for a nursing home or residential aged care, consider in home aged care instead.

Gardening Services

Gardening is often physically demanding, with lots of stretching, bending, and lifting. So, it’s common for gardening to become more difficult as we age. But not only is a well-maintained garden important for safety, it’s also important for good mental health and wellbeing. That’s why we offer gardening services as part of our in home aged care. If your garden could use a little TLC, we’ve got you covered.

We’re Here

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