What Are Social Support Services?

Whether you’re receiving home care or considering your options, you’ve probably heard the term ‘social support’. But what exactly are social support services?

From day-to-day catchups, to attending big events—here are the ins and outs of social support, and how it can help you live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life!

What is Social Support?

Social support is a companionship service usually offered by home care providers. Put simply, social support aims to brighten your day and lend a helping hand when you need it! But how does it work? Well, to start with, your home care provider will connect you with a support worker based on your goals and interests. Then, depending on your preference, your support worker will either visit you in your home, or take you out into your community for some fun and recreation!

Ultimately, social support services are tailored to enhance your lifestyle. Whether it’s taking you on a trip to the local park, taking you out shopping, or sitting down for a chat—social support services are there to keep you happy and connected. Interested in attending a big event, like a footy game or a theatre show? Social support services can help there too!

The Benefits of Social Support

Social support services can have so many benefits. They can help boost your mental health by keeping you connected with others and engaged in your community. Plus, they give you that extra bit of independence, allowing you to continue doing the things you love. Social support services also help you build strong relationships—you’ll always have someone to share stories, laugh, and make memories with!

How to Access Social Support

The first step to organising social support services is to explore your funding options. If you’re an Australian over the age of 65, you may be eligible for government-subsidised social support via a Home Care Package. If you’re an Australian living with disability under the age of 65, you may be eligible for the NDIS. Contact the relevant group—whether it be the NDIS or My Aged Care and begin the application process. If you’re successful, a portion, or the entirety of your social support services, may be funded for you!

Otherwise, you’re more than welcome to organise social support privately. In this case, find a support/care provider in your local area and contact them directly. They’ll match you with a wonderful support worker, and you’ll be on your way to living a connected and joyful life!

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