Simply Helping Dennis to Achieve His Goals

Here at Simply Helping, we’re passionate about helping the people we support to achieve their goals. And recently, one of our friendly support workers, along with the team at Simply Helping Central and Northern Melbourne, helped us do just that.

Late last year, NDIS participant Dennis, came to Simply Helping looking for tailored, flexible support. He was matched with Michael, one of our friendly support workers, and the pair quickly hit it off. During their weekly support catch-up, Michael and Dennis would chat about life, their interests, and hobbies, and quickly realised they have something in common—they both fiercely support the Richmond Tigers AFL team.

Despite enjoying a match or two on the TV at home, Dennis hadn’t been to a live AFL game in 45 years. Michael saw this as an opportunity to go above and beyond with his support and help Dennis achieve one of his NDIS plan goals—to ‘explore his interests’. So, Michael asked Dennis if he’d be interested in attending an AFL game together, Dennis agreed, and the wheels began to turn.

A Network of Support

Dennis’ support network, including his family, Michael, and the team at Simply Helping Central and Northern Melbourne, sprang into action to make his goal a reality. The trip was meticulously planned—they discussed transport, tickets, how to keep warm on the night, and devised a backup plan just in case. With an open line of communication, they were able to create a strategy that left Dennis and his family feeling comfortable, confident, and above all else—excited!

Game Time

On the day of the game, Michael and Dennis each donned their Richmond colours—Dennis with a cosy Tigers beanie, and Michael with a striped Tigers scarf. They prepped themselves for the journey ahead and made their way to the MCG, where the game was being held.

Together, they learned how to book a taxi on a mobile phone, and how to travel the short distance to the grounds from Jolimont Train Station. Upon arrival, Dennis thought to himself (tongue-in-cheek) I better behave myself…

The crowd at the MCG was a little bigger than expected, but that didn’t faze the pair; Michael helped Dennis navigate the sea of people, and asked a few friendly patrons for directions, where necessary. After a short time, they reached their aisle seats on Level 3, with a fantastic view of the grounds and easy access for Dennis. Buzzing with excitement, they prepared themselves to watch their first live footy game in decades.

A Goal for The Tigers, and a Goal for Dennis

The game began, and the Tigers were off to an early lead, but the Blues were slowly catching up. Michael and Dennis each enjoyed the roar of the crowd, and the flashing lights whenever a goal was scored. Munching on a cheese dog, Dennis whispered a few choice words to Michael as his beloved team fought for the ball. But in the end, the Tigers were triumphant, beating the Blues 81 to 66.

Reflecting on the experience, Dennis said that overall, it was ‘very, very good!’, that he felt ‘very secure’ with Michael there to support him, and he was ‘looked after like you wouldn’t believe’. It took Dennis a full week to come down from the excitement of achieving his goal, and seeing his first live AFL game in over 45 years… truly a treasured memory, made with his new friend Michael, and with the support of the team at Simply Helping.

Does your family member have a goal you’d love to see them achieve? Here at Simply Helping, our support is unique, and person-focused, with each care plan developed with your loved one’s goals, needs, and preferences firmly in mind. Click here to view our range of support services, or contact us today, so we can help make your loved one’s dream, into a reality.

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