Common Misconceptions About Home Care Debunked

The home care industry is growing rapidly in Australia, with many Australians choosing home care over traditional, residential care. But with the shift away from residential care, comes a few queries, questions, myths, and misconceptions. So, here are a few common misconceptions about home care, debunked.

Home Care Doesn’t Mean Losing Independence

Some people see receiving home care as a loss of independence. But in reality, home care services are designed to complement and enhance your life. In fact, home care services exist to maximise independence, and help older adults and people with disability live a happy, healthy life on their own terms! You can choose the care services you feel will benefit you most. And you can discuss your preference in carer, and even choose the time and day to receive your care. Plus, with transport services and social support, home care can help you experience life in a way that may not be possible otherwise.

Home Care isn’t Only for People with Specific Needs

People with very simple needs might assume that home care isn’t for them. Likewise, people with very complex needs might assume their only option is a nursing home or care facility. But in actual fact, most home care providers can deliver a range of services to suit any care level. There are community nursing services available for people who need medical support. Gardening services for people who have slight mobility challenges. And personal care, for people who need a bit of help with day-to-day tasks, just to name a few. Plus, your care and support can be scaled up or down to suit your evolving needs. Because the only thing guaranteed in life is change!

Home Care isn’t Only a Short-Term Solution

It’s common for people to assume home care is an interim solution, used to delay admission to a residential care facility. But in reality, home care can be a long-term, ongoing solution for many older adults and people with disability. Because home care is so flexible, most providers—like Simply Helping, have the ability to adapt to your needs and preferences. So, even if your needs become more complex, support will still be available from the comfort of your home.

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Here at Simply Helping, we offer flexible, tailored in home care for older adults and people with disability. So, if you or your loved one could use some help with domestic chores, personal care, gardening, and more, click here to contact us today!

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