More Common Misconceptions About Home Care Debunked

We’re back to debunk even more common myths and misconceptions about home care in Australia!

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Home Care isn’t Only for People Without Family

Many dedicated family carers do a wonderful job at caring for their loved ones. But every family situation is different. Some family members may need to continue working and can’t take on a primary caring role. Similarly, some family members may not have the skills required to care for someone with more complex needs. In this case, home care services might be the best choice for the person in need, even if family is heavily involved in their lives. So, it’s safe to say that home care can benefit any older adult or person with disability, regardless of their family situation.

Home Care isn’t Restrictive

Despite what some may believe—a home care support worker isn’t there to watch and critique your every move. Home care support workers are there to support you while you live life on your terms. You can go about your daily life, engaging in the hobbies you love, eating the food you love, and spending time with the people you love, while also receiving some much-needed, valuable support.

Home Care Doesn’t Mean Letting a Stranger into Your Home

It can be daunting to invite someone into your personal space for the first time. But most home care providers will do their best to make this transition comfortable. Many providers—like Simply Helping, will even match you with the carer or support worker who best suits you, your personality, and your needs.

Still not convinced? Home care providers ensure their workers undergo a series of rigorous checks before they’re employed. Plus, support workers generally work in their field because they’re caring and love meeting new people. So, even if they are a stranger to begin with, there’s a good chance they’ll soon be a close friend!

Here at Simply Helping, we offer a wide range of in home care services for older adults and people with disability. If you or your loved one could use some help with cooking, cleaning, personal care, lawnmowing, and more, click here to contact us today!

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