Can I Pay for Gardening with My Home Care Package?

Gardening can be pretty tricky as we age. So, how do you keep your garden neat, tidy, and safe while living with limited mobility or disability? Do you have to go it alone, or can you pay for gardening with a Home Care Package? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package (HCP) is a form of government-subsidised care in Australia. An HCP is usually awarded to older adults or people with disability who have more complex care needs, and might require assistance in multiple areas.

To receive an HCP, you must undergo a My Aged Care assessment. Your assessor will determine whether you require coordinated services to be able to live freely at home, and whether a Home Care Package is right for you. If you’re awarded funding through an HCP, you can then work with a care provider to organise necessary services, such as personal care, respite care, domestic assistance, nursing, and more.

Gardening as part of a Home Care Package

Now, can a Home Care Package fund gardening services? The short answer is yes!

Keeping your garden neat and tidy is essential for your safety while living at home. Long, tangly grass could be a tripping hazard, as could overgrown bushes and unruly weeds. So, if you’re unable to maintain your garden by yourself, an HCP can partially fund gardening services to do it for you. The only catch is, your My Aged Care assessor must determine that gardening services are essential for you and your unique situation. And an HCP can only fund reasonable garden maintenance. If you’re keen on artisan hedges and a veggie garden to match, you’ll have to fund them yourself.

How to Organise Gardening Services

So, you’re eligible for an HCP, and your garden is getting a little out of control, no worries! To begin organising HCP-funded gardening services, find an approved Home Care Package provider in your area and start your assessment with My Aged Care. Once you’ve been assessed and awarded an HCP, you can create a care plan with your chosen provider. Then, all that’s left is to begin receiving gardening services at your property. Easy!

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