Benefits of Owning a Pet

There’s no doubt that animals play a valuable and influential role in our lives. Humans thrive with social connections and companionship. Around 62% of Australians own a pet, many to fulfil their social needs. Pets can bring purpose into our lives if feeling lost or confused. That’s why, in these trying times of self-isolation, a pet can be beneficial to keep us from feeling lonely. Here’s some other reasons why owning a pet can be good for us.

Keeps us Active

Gentle exercise is important for everyone. There’s nothing like a nice relaxing walk in the fresh air. What better excuse to take a short stroll than walking your dog? Spending time outdoors, lowers stress levels and boosts your mood. Not only does it positively impact your emotional wellbeing, but also helps your physical wellbeing. The fresh air can be cleansing for the lungs, it can sharpen the mind, strengthen the immune system, and is great for a healthy digestive system. Walking every day, or every other day is good for our health. Research has shown waking can result in a longer life. If your mobility levels are not what they used to be, we suggest adopting an older dog, who will be content to cruise alongside you.

Keeps us Relaxed

Dogs aren’t the only easy-going companion, 29% of Australians own a cat. These little fluffballs can make the perfect buddy. They’re easy to interact with, and love to play. It’s easy to roll a ball of wool they can chase, or just pet them while watching TV. Did you know, when a cat begins to purr, it can have a significant effect on humans? With a frequency range of 20 – 140 Hz, a cat’s purr is calming and therapeutic. Listening to their purr can help steady breathing and lower blood pressure. Other perks of owning a cat include; they are quiet, low maintenance, less expensive, easy to toilet train, and they don’t always need to go outside. Cats can comfortably fit into your lifestyle.

Keeps us Connected

One of the most important human needs is socialising. Interacting with other living things can lift our mood and even prevent depression. Looking after and caring for another being, can magnify your sense of belonging and purpose. It can also increase feelings of fulfilment. One of the best aspects of owning a pet, is they can make us feel reassured by knowing we are not alone.

We Can Help

If you’re concerned about caring for a pet while you’re away, Simply Helping is here to help. We provide a pet sitting and dog walking service. Our pet sitting service includes feeding and water, cleaning their living environment, interaction, exercise and much more! So, you can enjoy your time away, without any of your pet’s needs being compromised.

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