How Home Care Services Help You In The Garden

Gardening can be so therapeutic, for the mind and the body. Getting out in the sunshine, amongst nature, almost always lifts your mood. And, it can be so rewarding to see the end result of that hard work you’ve put in to produce a thriving, beautiful garden.

However, as you get older, or if you live with disability, you may find gardening is becoming more frustrating than relaxing. Bending and kneeling down can be difficult. Lifting and moving heavy objects can become hazardous. It’s perfectly okay to ask for a helping hand with some of these laborious gardening jobs.

Simply Helping’s home care services also extends to assistance in the garden – whether yours is large or small. Here are some ways we can help.


If you don’t have the energy you used to, lugging a big lawn mower around the yard probably isn’t what you had in mind for a relaxing day in the garden. Our gardeners will have your lawn looking neat and tidy again, so you can focus on more exciting gardening ventures.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is a job that shouldn’t be neglected. If too much debris builds up in your gutters, it could lead to water damage, even inside your home. Don’t risk climbing that ladder to clean them. Using ladders can be dangerous, especially if you’re alone. Let our professional team safely clean your gutters for you.

Weeding and Hedging

Bending or crouching down to weed the garden is hard on the knees and back. If you’re feeling the strain, it’s important not to put extra stress on your body. Our friendly gardeners can help with tasks such as weeding, hedge trimming, and even planting. Home care gardening services keep your garden looking well maintained all year round.

Watering and Feeding

Plants are like pets. They need regular attention, food, and water. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the needs of all the plants in your garden, especially if you have a larger garden space. Home care gardening services can help with regular watering, feeding, and spraying of plants to keep your garden healthy.

Green waste removal

Removing green waste from the garden is a big job. It’s physically demanding with all the trimming, raking, lifting and bundling. If you need a helping hand, our gardeners can assist by organising and preparing your green waste removal for you.

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