Great Autumn Meal Ideas for One

In the warmer months, it’s easy to prepare meals in smaller portions. Salads can be whipped up quickly, you can cook some meat on the stove or barbeque, and you’ve got a quick and easy meal for one. However, when the weather becomes a little cooler, the food we cook tends to become more appropriate for family meals. Pots of pasta, casseroles, and pies are all great comfort foods, but not exactly convenient when you’re only cooking for one.

When you need something quick and comforting just for yourself, it’s easy to reach for pre-prepared meals. Did you know that many of these can be high in sodium? If you struggle with high blood pressure, it’s best to avoid them. Here are a few autumn meal ideas for one, that will keep you warm throughout autumn and well into winter!


Soups are a great meal option if you’re just cooking for yourself. They are a good meal to cook in bulk too, as you can freeze them easily. Aside from the classics, like pumpkin, potato and leek, tomato, and minestrones, try and get creative. Thai pumpkin soups with chilli and coconut milk are a nice twist on a standard pumpkin soup. Or for something heartier, try a red lentil or black bean soup.

Chilli and Stews

Other great options for the cooler months are chillies and stews. These can be cooked in one pot and frozen for later on when you’re short on time. Whether it’s a chilli con carne, a hearty bean stew, or vegetable chilli, these hearty meals are packed with everything you need as part of a healthy diet, including protein, fibre, and iron.

Frittatas and Omelettes

Frittatas and omelettes are great options for one pan, one-person meals. Quick, easy, and delicious, they can be prepared within minutes. They’re also a great way to use up any leftover vegetables that might be on their last legs. All you need is a couple of eggs, some vegetables, and a bit of cheese. Use any vegetables you like, and if you have time, make a salad to go with it.

Variations on a Theme

With a bit of creativity, the options for variations on these meals are endless. And, because you can freeze soups and stews, any leftovers won’t go to waste. Did you know that a Simply Helping carer can support you in the kitchen? Our personal care and domestic care services include assisting with the groceries and meal preparation. Sometimes it’s nice to have a helping hand with the cooking. Bon Appetit!

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