Bathroom Safety Tips for People with Lower Mobility

Bathroom-related injuries are common. Your bathroom is full of hard, slippery, and wet surfaces, so it’s easy to see why. But did you know that the vast majority of bathroom incidents are preventable?

If you’re living with lower mobility or disability, here are some easy safety tips to make your bathroom safer and more comfortable.

Preventing Slips and Falls

There are so many low-cost, low-effort ways to drastically reduce your risk of slipping or falling in the bathroom. For stable footing in the wettest of areas, consider installing high-quality, non-slip mats in your shower, bath, and surrounding floor. Choose mats with suction cups on the bottom for best results. For safety when bending down or stepping up, consider installing sturdy grab bars near the toilet and shower. Also, consider where your bathroom essentials live. Do you need to bend down into a cabinet or stretch up high to grab items you use frequently? If so, consider placing them in an easy-to-reach, ergonomic location.

Safe Bathing Solutions

Make your daily bathing ritual as easy and safe as possible. For the shower, pop a non-slip chair inside to eliminate long periods of standing and balancing. Then, attach a handheld showerhead and hose combo for a thorough and stress-free wash. For both the shower and bath, consider a ‘thermostatic mixer’—a device that allows you to set an exact temperature for your water, avoiding burns and scalding.

Accessible Toileting

We should all be able to use our toilet with dignity, independence, and ease. But living with disability or lower mobility can make toileting a bit tricky (and sometimes dangerous). Often, toileting-related injuries happen while squatting down or standing up from a seated position. So, consider installing a raised toilet seat and cleverly positioned grab bars to support you before and after you use the loo. Also, because using the toilet usually involves a fair bit of manoeuvring, ensure the area surrounding your toilet is free of clutter and non-essential items. Space and support = safety!

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