Top 4 Aged Care Mistakes To Avoid

When deciding on aged care options for yourself or your loved ones, there’s a lot to consider. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re taking on the responsibility alone. However, there are a few common mistakes people make when choosing aged care. Here are some considerations to think about before you make any decisions.

1.      Don’t be Unaware – Know Your Options

It’s important to know the different aged care options available. Talk to experts in your community about what may suit you. This may also help you work out whether you, or your loved one, need to relocate or downsize. If you wish to remain living in the comfort of your own home, in home aged care may be the option for you. And, a few simple home modifications may also help. This could include installing grab rails, ramps, easy-to-use flick mixer taps, or other safety measures. If you need assistance to make your home safer as you age, Simply Helping can help. Find out more here.

2.      Think Long Term

Try not to think only about your needs today, but in 3, 5 or even 10 years from now. Doing this can prevent having to make difficult changes in the future which may be harder down the track. It’s important to be realistic about planning for your future needs, because it’s always better to be over prepared than underprepared. Once again, talk to an aged care specialist, you may find this really helpful.

3.      Consider Trying Out Your Options

If you’re considering moving into an aged care residential facility, it may be a good idea to spend some time there in respite care before you make the move. This way, you’ll be able to get a feel for the environment, the staff, and any potential issues you might encounter in the future. Alternatively, if you’re considering in home care, you may want to try a week or two of domestic care, or even home respite care. You’ll be able to see how a little help at home can make a huge difference to daily living.

4.      Don’t Make a Last-Minute Decision

Don’t wait until the last minute to think about aged care. Giving yourself adequate time will ensure you can research thoroughly and make the best decision. You’ll have more time to look into the costs of different options, and any government help available, such as home care packages.

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