Our Story…
What’s in a business name?

As it turns out – everything!

Every business starts with an idea and great ideas can sometimes become a vision.

In 1998, Angela Feery-Richards (founder of Simply Helping) had a vision, to help meet the growing need for personalised and flexible in-home care and support services.

Before re-branding, the business name was ‘Priority Works Services’. It soon became obvious

that the vision was developing into a strong business model with strong demand. It also

became clear that the business was going to need an easily recognisable and simple name

that explains the business, thereby creating a suitably strong brand awareness.

From humble beginnings, Simply Helping has built a trusted reputation, adding value, meaning and dignity to the lives of others.

Expanding across Australia, Simply Helping has been able to help thousands of people from all walks of life by supporting their independence and lifestyle.

Our dedicated team can help with straight forward or complex care requirements and our wide range of services are as diverse as the people we assist, including: Senior care, Disability care, Respite and Personal care, Pet sitting, Gardening, Home maintenance and Domestic assistance.

Each Simply Helping location is owned and managed by locals with strong values and strong connections with their local community.

Helping people sounds simple enough, however, when you take a deeper look into the in home care industry, it can be extremely complex.

For people requiring disability care or aged care or help with their daily living requirements:

Navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or extracting the best value from Aged Care Packages or simply trying to find quality carers to suit your needs can be overwhelming.

Traditional providers can be overly structured and often inflexible, with the provision of their services. When you, or a loved one is in urgent need of help, this can be unnecessarily frustrating.

In stark contrast, we appreciate and value the feedback received from our participants who often praise our team for being flexible, easy to deal with, and making it simple to arrange for help.

We are delighted that many of our participants have been with us for more than 12 years and we are privileged to be ‘Simply Helping’.

So the idea became a vision, and the vision became a brand.

So what’s in a business name?


For more information, please visit www.simplyhelping.com.au

Simply Helping - What's in Our Business Name