Social Support in Perth

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Simply Helping

Simply Helping provides social support in Perth and surrounding areas. Why is social support important?

From the moment we are born, we interact with others. Humans are naturally social. Babies communicate with caregivers using gaze, touch, and vocal sounds. As we grow up, social connections help us form relationships. This starts with family and friends and continues through school, and into the workplace. Socialising can appear to be a normal part of everyday life. However, staying social is not always that straight forward. Situations change and people move away from loved ones. Some people feel anxious in social settings, and try to avoid them. Others feel isolated due to age or disability. No matter the circumstance, it’s beneficial for our wellbeing to stay social. And, Simply Helping is here to help.

Benefits of Staying Social

The benefits of social support in Perth are plentiful. Maintaining social connections promotes good mental health. Pleasant interactions boost feelings of self-worth. They make us feel happy, and can prevent feelings of loneliness and depression. With increased happiness, stress levels tend to decrease. This is great news for our immune system which can otherwise be thwarted by stress. Then there’s the physical benefits too. Without realising it, an active social life gets us out and about. It’s an enjoyable way to increase mobility and fitness. At Simply Helping, we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of staying social. Therefore, our home care and social support services are tailored to enhance your lifestyle. To maximise your wellbeing, we invest time to learn more about you. Understanding your likes, dislikes, culture, and background helps us to match you with a suitable carer. Spending time with someone who appreciates your interests helps to build a trusting bond. Regular social support can build confidence, and lead to other social activities.

Why Simply Helping for Social Support in Perth?

Simply Helping has locations nationwide, including Perth. Each location is independently owned and managed by dedicated locals. They are all passionate about their community and the people who live in it. Being a local home care provider, you can be assured of personalised care. Our carers are friendly and enjoy making new social connections too. Depending on your companionship needs we can develop a tailored solution. You may prefer home visits and a chat over a cuppa. You may like some company sharing a hobby such as gardening. Or, walking your dog together can be a great way to enjoy some fresh air. Supporting your participation in the community is also important. We can be there with you at local group activities, out shopping, at sporting events, and other functions. The sky is the limit. Discuss your social needs with our friendly Perth team today.

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