Post-Retirement Hobby Ideas for Older Adults

Have you recently retired? Or do you have some extra time on your hands? Here are some awesome post-retirement hobby ideas for older adults!

Amazing Arts and Creative Crafts

Channel your inner creative with arts and crafts! Getting crafty and a little bit artsy can be so beneficial for the ageing mind, body, and soul. You could try painting (acrylic and watercolour paints are best for beginners), drawing, knitting and crocheting (make your family members a scarf, blanket, or toy!), or scrapbooking, to lock in those precious memories from over the years. Or, you could create custom cards for your loved ones, celebrating all of life’s big moments with a handmade keepsake. You could be the next Picasso… you’ll never know until you try!

Go Green with Gardening

Do you want to spend more time in the great outdoors without leaving your backyard? Give gardening a go! Tending to plants, flowers, or even a veggie patch can be super rewarding. Gardening connects you with nature and can offer a powerful feeling of pride as you watch your precious plants thrive. Plus, there’s nothing quite like fresh flowers and home-grown veggies! If you’re low on space or living with limited mobility, try rearing plants in containers. Simply grab some pots, fill them with soil, and get planting. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also join a gardening club or enjoy a community garden. Or, if you’re more of an indoors person, why not try your hand at keeping indoor plants? Your green thumb is calling.

Make Some Noise with Music

If you’d like to improve your hand-eye coordination and keep your mind fit and healthy, we have a hobby for you—music! Music is incredibly beneficial for cognition, warding off dementia and other cognitive concerns that come with age. So, pick up an instrument and get strumming. You could try playing the piano, guitar, violin, or even harmonica. Many community centres offer music lessons if you’d like to get serious. Otherwise, relax, take the pressure off, and let the music flow! If you love listening to music rather than playing it, you could also join a dance class, and samba your way into a fantastic new musical hobby.

Give Back by Volunteering

Volunteering is the ultimate hobby after retirement—it can provide a real sense of purpose, and your community will thank you. You can volunteer as much or as little time as you’d like, and there’s so much variety when it comes to volunteer positions; there’s bound to be something for everyone. You could reach out to a local animal shelter or charity, deliver food to those less fortunate, and more!

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