Therapeutic Benefits of Art

During unprecedented times, stress, worry and confusion are felt by many. It’s important we acknowledge these feelings, and try to transform them into positive thoughts. That’s where Simply Helping can help. Some Simply Helping locations, like Lodden Mallee, provide a creative art collaboration service. We pull on our creative pants and come to you, ready to help you create something wonderful.

Making a work of art delivers a wide range of benefits, many of them therapeutic. It works wonders for your mental health. Art can help to relieve stress, promote problem solving skills, stimulate the imagination, enhance observation, exercise fine motor skills, and boost self-esteem.

When you open up your mind and let your imagination run free, the possibilities are endless. You can make anything you put your mind to. The feel-good emotions you get when you accomplish something incredible, is what we strive for.

Activities like painting, drawing, photography, and sculpting are some the best ways to relieve stress. Finding yourself totally immersed in ‘the zone’ calms you and relaxes your body. Art diverts your mind away from negative distractions, cleansing your head space. This helps to generate positivity.

What better way to boost your self-esteem than create something you’re genuinely proud of. Watching your project come together, making everything by hand, from start to finish, builds confidence. It teaches you to trust yourself and trust the process. Once your masterpiece is complete, take a step back and observe! Reassure yourself that you’re capable of amazing things, and inspire others around you to do the same.

Exploring the unique world of art is also a fantastic way to strengthen fine motor skills. Fine motor skills include the use of small muscles which control our hands, fingers and thumbs. They’re essential for frequent everyday tasks such as eating, drinking, writing, and doing up zippers and buttons on clothing.

For some of us, expressing our emotions isn’t always easy. However, we can break down some of these barriers using art. Art has a magical power to communicate what words can’t. The best part is there’s no right or wrong way! Simply let your creativity fly!

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