Winter Home Maintenance Tips

With winter comes heavier rainfall and wild weather. Our home protects us from these harsh winter elements. They provide us with shelter, warmth, a sense of comfort, and peace of mind. It’s important to maintain your home, especially in winter. Don’t let a few small problems jeopardise your safety, or turn into large, expensive repairs. Here are our top winter home maintenance tips.

Clean gutters and drainage systems

Gutters manage the flow of rainwater. If gutters are blocked, and with excessive rain in winter, your home could be susceptible to water damage. This could include internal damage also. Did you know that damage caused by clogged gutters is not covered by insurance in many cases? To avoid a potential disaster, check and clean gutters of leaves, dirt and other debris. Don’t forget to make sure downpipes aren’t clogged either.

Check for gaps and leaks

We’ve cleared our gutters, now we need to check for other possible water leaks. Leaks are renowned for becoming progressively worse, affecting furniture, fixtures and flooring. For good home maintenance, it’s important to identify them early. Signs of a water leak include ceiling discolouration, mould, and markings on the wall. Plaster may also become soft and warped. Check your ceiling, and around your doors and windows for any gaps where water may penetrate. Sealing gaps will also stop cold air coming inside, keeping your home warmer.

Test smoke alarms

During winter, we generally increase our time spent indoors. This means we’re using electrical appliances more frequently than usual. Devices such as heaters, chargers, electric blankets, and dryers all pose a fire hazard when running for long periods of time. Overloading plugs and power boards may also cause short circuits and fires. To reduce the risk in your home, be sure to test your smoke alarms. They can alert you at the earliest sign of a fire.

Keep your yard in check

Basic outdoor home maintenance jobs can make all the difference this winter. Not only for aesthetics, but functionality. Have a look around your yard. Clear paths of fallen autumn leaves, as these become wet and slippery in winter. Pressure clean footpaths or patios to eliminate slippery moss, mould and mildew. Make sure any steps and handrails are secure and safe.

Whatever your home maintenance needs, don’t think twice about contacting your local Simply Helping. We provide a range of home maintenance services to keep your home safe, and comfortable to live in.

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