How Home Décor Can Influence Your Mood

It’s essential to put our happiness first as we age or live with disability. And one super easy way to boost your mood on the daily is with some carefully curated home décor!

Here’s how to choose your belongings with a positive, comforting, and mood-boosting environment in mind.

The Power of Colour

Colours are an important part of our home décor and play a big role in our daily mood. Warmer colours like yellow, orange, and red evoke feelings of comfort and happiness. These colours are best utilised in communal areas, like lounge rooms. However, cooler colours like green, blue, and lavender are calming, making them perfect for the bedroom. Next time you’re out shopping, choose your colours carefully depending on the space you aim to decorate. Even the simplest addition—like a vibrant pillow or a fresh lick of paint can make a noticeable difference!

The Benefits of Nature

It really is in our nature to love nature. Don’t you feel refreshed and at peace after a nice walk in your local park, or stroll along a sandy beach? Including elements of nature in your home décor is a wonderful way to bring the happiness of our natural environment into your living environment! Houseplants, for instance, improve air quality and introduce vibrant shades of relaxing green. Plus, nurturing live plants can also provide a sense of achievement, which in turn may boost your mood.

If you’re not a plant fan, that’s okay. Natural elements like wood, stone, and seashells can offer the same positive effect. So, pick out some pieces with a more natural finish to bring the outdoors, indoors, and watch your mood improve!

The Art of Arrangement

The way furniture and belongings are arranged can impact the flow and feel of a room. An open space with ample room to move is great for people with lower mobility, but also encourages peace and relaxation. However, a messy, cluttered living area can induce unwanted worries. So, keeping your home neat and tidy isn’t only important for safety, but also for your overall happiness! Also, for an extra mood boost, consider your room’s natural light and arrange your space to make the most of it. Natural light is a proven, natural mood improver and promotes a positive atmosphere.

Remember, your home is a personal reflection of you, and by infusing it with items, elements, and colours you love, you can create a space that promotes wellbeing, comfort, and happiness. Who’s up for a home décor revamp?

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