Busy? Our Home Services Can Help!

You’ve probably heard of the terms time-poor, time-starved, hard-pressed, and run off your feet. It’s common in today’s world that many people feel ‘pressed for time’. Keeping up with work, children, the house, the garden, the dog, social activities, and appointments is no easy feat.

You don’t have to be a do-all dynamo, and risk burning out. Finding someone to help with a few jobs around the home is a smart choice….and a practical solution. Simply Helping provides home help services as a lifestyle choice. Whether you need a house cleaner, home maintenance expert, dog walker, or gardener, our home help services can lighten your load.

House Cleaning

Not many people enjoy cleaning their home. It can be hard work and time-consuming, so let us do it for you! With an eye for detail, our meticulous team can do all those jobs you don’t want to do. From vacuuming, mopping, and ironing, to cleaning the bathroom and sorting the kitchen, our home helpers take the stress out of keeping a tidy home. House cleaning can be scheduled on a regular basis, or as a one-time service, whatever works best for you.

Home Maintenance

Who hasn’t got a home maintenance ‘to-do’ list?  There’s always an odd job here or there that needs to be done. Keeping your home well-maintained protects your asset and ensures it is safe to live in. Do you need the gutters cleaned? Perhaps the back door needs a new lock? Does the handrail need replacing, or the fence need repairing? If you’re time-poor or not confident on the tools, our home maintenance team can help. Find your nearest Simply Helping team here.


Some gardening tasks, such as mowing the lawn, need to be done regularly. Other gardening chores are seasonal. Whatever your garden needs, our professional gardeners are ready to jump in. As with our house cleaning service, gardening services can be scheduled on a regular basis, or for that one-off garden spruce up. Our gardeners can help with green waste removal too!

Dog Walking

Regular exercise is important for your dog’s health. It can also stimulate your pooch’s mind and prevent boredom and bad behaviour. However, we understand it’s not always easy to find enough time in the day to walk your dog. Don’t fret, Simply Helping can help. Our dedicated team of dog walkers ensure your furry friend has enough exercise to keep him or her happy and healthy. Read more about our dog walking service and pet sitting here.

For peace of mind and a little sanity, contact your nearest Simply Helping location to learn more about our home help services. Simply Helping for anyone, any time, any place.

Simply helping - Busy? Our Home Services Can Help