Are You Caring For Someone Living With Disability?

We always aim to do our best when caring for another. So, if you are caring for a loved one living with disability, consider these helpful tips.

Stay Prepared

If you become sick or injured suddenly, someone else may need to provide support in your place. An emergency care plan can make this transition easier. An emergency plan might include (depending on the situation): a list of medications your loved one takes, and when they take them. Notes about their diet and routines. Or information about their medical history and upcoming appointments.

Access Resources


As someone caring for a loved one with disability, you may be eligible for financial support. Go online to check your eligibility and see which payments may be available. The person you support may also be eligible for payments, depending on their circumstance.


There is a wide range of equipment ready to support people living with disability. Depending on your loved one’s needs, equipment may be able to assist in many areas. These areas may include: using technology, walking, bathing, eating and day-to-day tasks.


Depending on your loved one’s situation, you may need to assist with movement. Lifting and manoeuvring can be physically challenging for you and your loved one. It is important to avoid injury by learning how to assist with movement safely.

Ask for Help

Providing good quality care for your loved one is your top priority. This may mean that other responsibilities, such as housework, might be more difficult to address. In home care services can take the pressure off. They can assist with cleaning, cooking, home maintenance and more, so you can focus more time on your loved one.

Care for Yourself, Too

We often put our heart and soul into caring for our loved ones. Sometimes we may need a break to stay at our best and deliver the best care possible. Respite care is available to help you rest and recover, while your loved one is receiving support. Our support workers at Simply Helping are ready to care for you, and your loved one living with disability.

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