6 Tips When Caring For Elderly Parents

Our parents cared for us, so naturally, we want to care for them. Although assuming the role of primary caregiver can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help you understand your options and keep your loved one as happy, and as healthy as possible.

1. Assess Key Areas of Support

Every person is different, so providing care should start with a proper assessment. Spend some time with your elderly parent, while looking for areas where support would be beneficial. This might mean help with meals, personal hygiene, mobility, safety, or socialising. Ask your parent what you can do to best support them, and if there are any areas of concern.

2. Explore Assistive Technology

Depending on your parent’s needs, assistive technology may be useful for their care. There’s a wide range of equipment available that can assist with mobility, eating, drinking, and more. Explore the available options, to make life easier for you and your aging parent.

3.Make an Emergency Care Plan

As a primary caregiver, it’s natural to worry about what would happen if you were suddenly unable to provide care. By creating an emergency care plan, a friend, family member or carer can easily assume your role. Make note of your parent’s medication, routine, and medical history. And keep their emergency care plan in an obvious, and easily accessible place.

4. Investigate Financial Support

In Australia, there are many financial support options available for family caregivers. So, a bit of research can mean less time spent worrying about money, and more quality time caring for your loved one.

5. Consider Care Options

It’s okay to ask for help with delivering care. A home care provider can take the pressure off, by offering additional support for your loved one. Together, you can create a complete care plan to ensure your parent receives support where it’s needed.

6. Consider Respite Care

As family caregivers, we tend to give it our all. But unwavering support can sometimes lead to carer burnout. Most home care providers offer respite care. So, with their help, you can take a well-earned rest, and continue to provide your parent with the best care possible.

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