5 Boredom-Busting Activities For People With Limited Mobility

Limited mobility doesn’t have to mean limited fun. Keep the boredom-blues away with these engaging activities.

1. Be a Little Crafty

Chances are you’ve probably tried your hand at a craft or two. But did you know that crafts don’t just keep us occupied? Crafts are a great way to practice hand-eye coordination and critical thinking. You could knit a scarf for a friend or sew a patchwork blanket. Or put those old family photos in a nicely decorated album.

2. Become a Gamer

Board games and puzzles can be enjoyed with others, or solo. No matter the weather, and at any time of day, games can keep our minds active and the boredom at bay. Or for the more tech-savvy gamers, video game consoles can provide endless fun and entertainment.

3. Grow Your Garden

Gardening often involves lots of bending and stretching—but it doesn’t have to! You could start a micro-garden on your balcony or patio. Lots of plants and veggies can be grown in pots or raised planters. So, no more bending, or heavy lifting! Or, if you’re more interested in a full-sized garden, garden beds can be raised to waist height for easy access. If you’d like help to make your garden limited mobility-friendly, let us know.

4. Exercise

Exercise is important for physical and mental health. But it also makes a great hobby. If you can’t go for a long run or become the next weight-lifting champion, that’s okay! Swimming is a terrific low-impact exercise and takes pressure away from joints. Many aquatic centres hold classes for those with limited mobility to get you started. Or, if swimming isn’t your thing, try yoga. These days, there are specialist yoga classes for limited mobility, to keep you fit and happy.

5. Get Outdoors

Not much beats the relaxation of the outdoors. Sun, blue sky, and a cool breeze, what more could you want? Buy a bird feeder and bird watch in your own backyard. Or grab some binoculars and head to a nearby park. Enjoy the sunshine and sit outside with a coffee or hot chocolate at your local café. Need help getting out and about? No worries! Our in home care staff can take you from A to B, and help you enjoy the environment.

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