How To Keep Your House Storm Safe

Warm spring weather brings a higher risk of storms and heavy rain. Follow these helpful tips to get your house prepared.

Look Up!

A garden surrounded by trees can be serene and relaxing. But when windy weather approaches, it’s anything but. Trees can easily topple over, snap or drop branches during high winds. Heavy rainfall can also dislodge stabilising soil, causing a tree to tip. Take a walk around your property and check out your trees. Are the leaves brown and crunchy? Is the trunk leaning towards your house? Is the soil around the roots disturbed? If so, you may want to consider removing the tree. Gum trees—a beloved Australian native, also tend to drop heavy limbs without warning. Even if a gum tree looks healthy, any limbs hovering over roofs or cars should be promptly addressed.

Repair and Maintain

How much damage can a missing roof tile or a cracked window really do? Well, you don’t want to find out! Small leaks from cracked or missing roof tiles can quickly become a major issue during a downfall. And cracked windows can shatter under pressure from strong winds. It’s best to make sure any lingering damage is taken care of before a storm rolls around. Rogue leaves and debris can fill up gutters, causing them to become blocked. Without proper drainage, your home could be at risk of flooding during a storm. Regularly check and clean out gutters to avoid issues down the track.

Be Prepared

During seasons with high storm activity and heavy rain, it’s important to stay up to date with forecasts and weather warnings. If a warning is issued for your area, you may want to prepare, and secure outdoor furniture and belongings. Every household should also have a storm emergency kit ready. At a minimum, this kit should include basic first-aid items, candles, or torches (with a fresh battery or fully charged). A gas-powered camping stove can be helpful for emergency meals if the power goes out. You may also want to consider investing in a generator. They can be a lifesaver during a power outage. And can be used to charge phones or keep fridges running, to stop food spoiling.

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