What are Transport Services and Where Can They Take You?

We’ve all got things to do and people to see. But, for those who don’t drive, getting from A to B can be quite a challenge! That’s where home care transport services come in.

Keep reading to learn more about home care transport, and the amazing places it can take you or your loved one.

Transport Services

As we age or live with disability, getting from here to there can become more difficult. Public transport may be an option, but it certainly isn’t suitable for everyone.

Home care transport services help people of all abilities maintain their independence, by bridging the gap between public transport, and travelling via a personal vehicle. With transport services, people who are ageing or living with disability can get where they need to go reliably, safely, and promptly.

Home care transport is often delivered by a qualified carer, not a driver. So, the support they offer could begin in your home, helping you gather the items you need for your trip, checking that you’re okay to travel, and assisting you into the vehicle. Then, you could receive support along the way and upon arrival at your destination. And once you’re ready to leave, a friendly carer will take you back home again, too easy.

In Your Community

Do you have an appointment with the optometrist? Or have you been hanging to try that new café that just opened up in town? Here are a few ways you or your loved one could use home care transport services within your community:

  • Attend a doctor’s/specialist appointment
  • Catch up with friends in town
  • Visit a new café
  • Visit the local pool
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Run errands
  • Pick up your prescription at the local pharmacy
  • Get a new do at the hairdresser
  • Visit family
  • Go for a walk in the local park

Outside of Your Community

Home care transport services could also help you tick off your bucket list. If you’ve always wanted to visit a place that’s a little further outside your community, a transport carer could help you:

  • Visit a picturesque national park
  • Attend an AFL game
  • Visit an amusement park
  • Check out a tourist attraction
  • See a musical at a famous theatre
  • And more!

Did you know that the NDIS will fund reasonable and necessary transport? Visit ndis.gov.au for more information.

If you could use a helping hand getting from A to B, we’re here! At Simply Helping, we offer flexible transport services to take you where you need to go, quickly and safely. Click here to learn more and contact us today.

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