4 Ways to Use Autumn Leaves in Your Garden

Is your backyard covered with autumn leaves?

Fallen leaves might look pretty—but they can cause dead patches of lawn, slippery footpaths, and stained concrete, if left undisturbed. So, what’s the best way to deal with autumn leaves? Repurpose them, of course!

1. Add Leaves to Your Compost

Instead of adding autumn leaves to your green waste bin, add them to your compost bin! Leaves make a great addition to any compost bin/pile, and help maintain the balance between green matter (nitrogen) and brown matter (carbon) in your compost.

Pro tip: if you’re an avid composter, bag up any leftover leaves and store them for spring and summer. That way, you’ll have a stockpile of green materials going into the warmer months.

2. Use Leaves as Mulch

A fresh layer of mulch is great for your garden. It can ward off weeds, reduce watering, prevent frost damage, and keep your soil at the right temperature. Typically, straw or bark chips might be used as mulch—but did you know you can also use fallen leaves? Simply spread buckets of leaves across your garden beds in a thick layer—but avoid covering the stems and foliage of your plants.

3. Mow Leaves into Your Lawn

Piles of autumn leaves can be detrimental to your lawn, blocking out much-needed sunlight and reducing airflow. However, autumn leaves can also be extremely beneficial to your lawn if prepared properly. First, rake out your leaves until they’re covering your lawn in a thin layer. Now, run your lawnmower over top, shredding the leaves into tiny pieces. The leaves will then break down more quickly (without causing a headache) and give your lawn a good feed heading into winter.

4. Supplement Your Soil with Leaves

Just as leaves can add nutrients to your lawn, they can also add nutrients to your garden beds! Simply scatter the fallen leaves through your garden beds, and give them a good toss with a shovel or pitchfork, easy-peasy.

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