Top 5 Tips for People who Wear Glasses

Many people wear glasses. In fact, more than 13 million Australians have a long-term eye health condition resulting in the need for glasses or contact lenses. There are many advantages for wearing glasses, the most solid one being clearer vision and clarity. With all the benefits come a few frustrations, such as not being able to find your glasses in the dark.

Here we offer some helpful tips to overcome those annoying things about wearing glasses.

1.      Stop Glasses from Sliding

Whether the frames have loosened or sweat is making your glasses slide down your nose, here’s a clever trick to keep them in place. Take two thin elastic hair ties. Try to match the colour of the hair ties to the arms of your glasses. Wrap one elastic around each of the arms just behind where they meet at your ears. Voila, your glasses are now non-slip.

2.      Glow in the Dark

Never lose your glasses in the dark again. Find a glow in the dark paint that is clear when dry. Paint a strip on the arms, or temples of your eyeglasses. By day, no one will ever know. By night, it’s easy to search for the glow and find your glasses. You could also put some glow in the dark paint on your glasses case.

3.      Shampoo or Conditioner?

Having trouble in the shower distinguishing between the shampoo and conditioner bottles? Find a thick rubber band, or bright coloured elastic hair tie, or black electrical tape, and wrap it around the shampoo bottle. Then, all you need to do when you’re in the shower is to remember to go for the ‘adorned’ bottle first.

4.      Smudged lenses

It’s easy to have clean and clear glasses all the time. Well, ok, most of the time. Buy a bulk pack of small microfibre cleaning clothes. Keep a cloth in various, convenient locations. Place one in a bedside drawer, bathroom drawer, in the kitchen, laundry, next to the computer, in the car glove box and centre console, in your overcoat pocket, and in your handbag or wallet.

5.      Stop fogging

One of the most annoying aspects of wearing glasses – is when they fog or steam up. To prevent glasses from fogging, clean your lenses with a dab of shaving foam. This creates a protective film on the glass. Many people report that shaving foam works better than commercial defogging products.

*Extra tip:

If you receive in home care services and your eyesight is not as good as it used to be, let your care worker know. They can ensure your home environment is clean, tidy and clear of tripping hazards. They can also help you with transport to eye specialist appointments, or support you out in the community with activities that you may find difficult to navigate.

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