This National Carers Week—We Recognise Dedicated Australian Carers

We may not often consider the people providing support. Yet each year, there are millions of Australians providing unpaid care to their loved ones.

Each of us should take some time to recognise and thank the dedicated carers in our lives. And do our best to support them while they support others.

What Is a Carer?

A carer is someone who provides unpaid care to a friend or family member who needs support. Whether a loved one is living with disability, needs care due to age, or lives with a medical condition, carers provide support in many ways.

Primary carers are the main caregivers within their loved one’s life. They might help with domestic duties such as cleaning and tidying. They might cook meals for their loved one, help with bathing and hygiene, or anything in between. Some carers provide support on a less regular basis. Maybe in addition to a care worker or another family member.

But all carers have one thing in common. The support they provide is diverse and extremely valuable, both to their loved ones and the community.

How You Can Support a Carer in Your Life

A carer will often place the needs of their loved one above their own. They dedicate countless hours—and a lot of energy to keeping the one they care for happy and healthy. Here are some ways you can help support a carer in your life:

Run some errands – Offer to do the grocery shopping, or to pick up medication or any other items the carer might need.

Cook a hearty meal – Many carers may not have the time or energy to cook themselves a good nutritious meal. So, a healthy, pre-cooked meal that’s easy to reheat can go a long way.

Offer social support – Providing care is rewarding but can leave carers feeling drained. So, knowing that someone is there for them while they provide care to others can make all the difference. Check-in regularly, catch up over a quick coffee or organise an outing to the movies. Even if a carer declines your invitation, it will help them feel acknowledged, and let them know you’re always there.

If there’s a carer in your life who needs extra support or some well-deserved rest, we can help. Simply Helping has a range of care options, including respite care, to keep dedicated carers feeling their best.

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