How To Find Stable Work As A Care Worker

The aged care and disability support industry is growing strongly in Australia. And yet only around 30 per cent of care workers are currently working full-time. With new technology comes new options for finding work. You could find employment with a home care provider, work through an app or online platform, or start your own care business. Yet many Australian care workers are struggling to find consistent, full-time work. So, here is some info to consider if you’re looking for stable work in the care industry.


When working as a self-employed care worker through an online platform, location can be important. If you choose to work in a rural or lower-populated area, there may be fewer people in need of support. And those who need support, may not be subscribed to the platform you find work through. However, if you choose to work in a densely populated area, you will be directly competing with many other care workers for the same work. So, to gain consistent work through these platforms, you may find you’ll need to travel. If you’re not willing to travel far, working for an aged care or disability support provider may be a better option. When you work for a home care provider, jobs will be found for you, within a reasonable location.

Working Hours

Working as a care worker through an online platform can mean flexibility in your schedule and working hours. So, you can decide when, where and who you work with. However, it’s worth noting that flexibility can also mean inconsistency. It’s up to you—as the self-employed worker, to create a schedule that works for your availability and your finances. But it’s common for people in need of support to require a care worker for half a day, or a few hours. And, if you fail to find other work for the rest of the day, you’ll have to go without pay. However, finding work with a home care provider can be a different story. A provider will create a roster and schedule for you, ensuring you have consistent work and enough breaks. So, while working for a home care provider may be more rigid in scheduling, it can also be more reliable and consistent.

Decide What’s Right for You

Although some care workers have great success finding work via online platforms, it may not be right for everyone. Online platforms can mean more flexibility but can be restrictive on location and consistency. So, when looking for stable work within the aged care and disability support industry, each option should be carefully considered.

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