The Benefits of Arts and Crafts

Getting crafty is more than just a hobby—it’s a self-care practice. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn more about the physical and mental benefits of arts and crafts, for people from all walks of life.

Good for the Mind

Studies have shown that enjoying arts and crafts, has a whole range of mental benefits. First up, getting crafty puts your mind in a flow state, almost akin to meditation. When practicing arts and crafts, you block out external stresses, exercise your thinking muscles, and focus on a singular thing for an extended period of time. The act of blocking out the world while you concentrate can not only reduce stress, but it may even reduce bodily inflammation, studies show.

Getting into crafts also releases dopamine, a natural form of anti-depressant, elevating your mood and improving general wellbeing. If that wasn’t enough, the mental exercise you gain from concentrating and learning a new craft, may also reduce your risk of dementia and general cognitive decline, wow!

Good for the Body

Constant stress can have a number of negative impacts on our bodies, including weight gain, headaches, muscle tension, and an upset stomach, to name a few! So, because arts and crafts decrease stress, they improve our physical wellbeing, too. Also, almost all art and craft forms include some type of hand-eye coordination, as well as fine motor movement. By consistently practising an art or craft, you’ll be improving these skills as well!

Brings Us Together

One of the best things about arts and crafts is that they’re universal. This means you can enjoy them with just about anyone; catch up with an old friend to try your hand at acrylic paint together. Attend a pottery class with your husband of 30 years. Learn to knit with your mum, dad, brother, or grandkids! The possibilities are endless. Plus, there are lots of community groups—online or in person, dedicated to connecting people who enjoy a certain craft. So, you can connect with people outside of your social circle, too!

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