Social Support in Melbourne

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Simply Helping

Looking for social support in Melbourne? Simply Helping provides meaningful social support in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Humans are social creatures by nature. From the moment we are born, we interact with caregivers using visual signs, touch, and vocal sounds. Throughout life social connections form the basis of all our networks. This includes families, friends, and even workplaces. It’s easy to take it for granted. However, staying socially connected is not always that simple. Situations change and people move away. Or, some people feel isolated, or anxious about interacting with others. It’s important to stay socially connected with your community. Simply Helping is here to help.

Benefits of Staying Social

Social Support in Melbourne has many benefits. Socialising prevents feelings of loneliness and depression. Pleasant exchanges help to boost your immune system by decreasing stress levels. And, let’s not forget the physical benefits too. An active social life can be a gentle way to increase fitness levels. Simply Helping’s social support is designed to enhance your wellbeing. It can also improve your overall happiness. We take the time to understand your likes, interests, background and hobbies. This allows us to successfully match you with one of our friendly carers. Enjoying time with someone who relates to your interests helps to build a trusting relationship. Often, the confidence gained from regular social support can lead to other activities.

Why Simply Helping for Social Support in Melbourne?

With more than 20 years’ experience, Simply Helping has locations throughout Melbourne. We also service regional Victoria. Each location is owned and managed by dedicated locals. They all share a connection with their local community. With locals caring for locals you can be assured of personalised care. Our carers provide companionship and social support in many ways. You may prefer a friendly chat over a cuppa at home. If gardening takes your interest, we can spend time together nurturing your garden. If you own a dog, walking your dog together can be fun. We also encourage community connections. Our carers can assist at local group activities. This may include sporting events, movies or functions. The sky is the limit, talk to us about your specific needs. We look forward to supporting your social wellbeing.

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