Lawn Care Tips for Spring

When spring hits and you’re ready to step outside, there’s nothing like having a lush green carpet at your feet. To keep your lawn looking great and to prepare it for the hot months ahead, here are our spring lawn care tips.


Don’t stress is your lawn is looking a little worse for wear. Most grass varieties in Australia suit the warm season, so lawns may look a little brown and thin coming out of winter. One of the first steps to spring lawn care is to give your lawn a good rake. A vigorous raking will clear away leaves and twigs. However, more importantly, it will also strip out any dead grass, allowing more light through to the new growth.


If you notice only a few weeds have reared their ugly head over winter, an eco-friendly solution may be to pull them out by hand. However, if weeds have run rampant through your lawn, a quality herbicide should do the trick. Weed control in spring is recommended before the warmer months come along and allow the weeds to spread. Your Simply Helping gardener can help you with this.


One of the most important aspects of lawn care in spring is fertilising. If you’ve decided to skip the weeding, at least feeding your lawn might give it the strength to out-compete the weeds. A slow-release fertiliser will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to power into summer. Once you’ve fertilised, give your lawn a good drink of water.


Lawn mowing is not always as easy as seems. The grass leaf is the powerhouse of your lawn. It absorbs the sunlight and converts it energy for healthy lawn growth. If the leaf is cut too short, it will stress the lawn making it susceptible to weeds and pests. So, what length is too short to mow your grass? If, when you mow, it takes off more than one-third of the grass leaf your lawn may go into shock. It also depends on your grass type, as one lawn height does not suit all.

Our Lawn Mowing and Gardening Services

Lawn mowing and gardening can be hard work. If you have a Home Care Package, NDIS funding, or would like lawn mowing and gardening services as a lifestyle choice, we can help. Click here to learn more about our services, and let our gardening team nurture your lawn into spring and beyond.

Lawn Care Tips for Spring