How to Switch Home Care Providers

Did you know that you can change home care providers at any time? That’s right! Whether you’re moving or want to find a provider who better accommodates your needs, it’s pretty simple to make the switch. Here’s how!

1. Assess Your Care

Start by having a really honest conversation with yourself—and your loved ones, if you like—and reflect on the care you’ve received up until now. What have you enjoyed about your care? What have you disliked? Are there any changes that could be made to help you feel happier and more comfortable? Is there anything you’d like your ideal provider to accommodate, like cultural or language preferences? A clear understanding of your care goals will help you find a new home care provider that really suits you and your needs.

2. Find a New Home Care Provider

Now that you understand what you want in a provider (and, importantly, what you don’t want!), It’s time to choose a provider in your area. There’s a handy tool on the My Aged Care website to help with this. Otherwise, you might like to do some research on Google or ask your friends and family for suggestions. Ideally, you should find a provider who’s local, delivers the care services you need, and has experience providing high-quality care services to your community. Once you’re happy with your choice, give them a call and discuss your needs, goals, and preferences. If you’re a good fit for each other, start creating a care agreement.

3. Contact Your Current Home Care Provider

With your new provider chosen, it’s time to break up with your current provider. First, it might be helpful to peruse your current care agreement and make sure you understand any exit requirements or necessary notice periods (most providers expect at least two weeks’ notice). Then, contact your current home care provider and let them know you’d like to cancel their services. If you want to give your current provider feedback, now is a great time. When your cancellation of services is confirmed, your old provider will give you an end date, which you can pass on to your new provider to ensure a seamless and stress-free transition.

4. Contact My Aged Care

If your home care services are subsidised by the Australian government (via an HCP or the CHSP), you will need to give My Aged Care a call to reactivate your referral code. Your new provider will need this new code before they can begin providing your services, so this step is very important! Once your code has been reactivated, pass it on to your new provider ASAP.

Quick tip for home care package recipients: You only have 60 days to sign an agreement with your new provider after cancelling your current services. If you wait any longer, you may need to reapply to continue receiving a home care package. So, make sure you’ve chosen a new provider before cancelling your current services.

5. Relax!

With the hard work done, it’s time to sit back and relax! Create a care plan with your new provider, factoring in any considerations you identified earlier. Any unspent funds will be transferred to your new provider, and your new and improved home care services will begin shortly. Too easy!

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