Home Care Package Levels for Aged Care Explained

There are four levels of Home Care Packages in Australia—but what do these levels actually mean? And most importantly, what do they mean for your care? Here are the Home Care Package basics, with the four care levels explained.

What is a Home Care Package for Aged Care?

Sometimes referred to as an Aged Care Package, a Home Care Package (HCP) is a government subsidised form of aged care in Australia, offered as an alternative to a nursing home or community care. Home Care Packages are designed for people with more complex care needs, and may include services to assist you with eating and nutrition, cleaning, property maintenance, hygiene, and more. To receive a Home Care Package, eligible older adults must undergo an assessment through My Aged Care.

Home Care Package Levels

Home Care Package levels are essentially tiers of funding, that relate directly to the care needs of the recipient. So basically, the higher your care needs (as determined by a My Aged Care assessment), the higher funding/HCP level you receive.

Here’s an overview of the four levels:

Level 1 HCP

Those who are eligible for a level 1 Home Care Package require more basic care, and will receive a lower amount of funding. With this level, you might receive a few visits per week to support you with day-to-day tasks.

Level 2 HCP

A level 2 recipient has low care requirements, but needs more care than someone with a level 1 HCP. Someone who receives level 2 care may have multiple visits a week to help with cleaning, hygiene, or any other needs.

Level 3 HCP

A level 3 home care package is designed for recipients with intermediate care needs. Level 3 care may include more frequent visits, and a range of services providing support in many areas.

Level 4 HCP

If you have high and very complex care needs, you may be eligible for a level 4 Home Care Package. Level 4 is the highest level, which receives the most funding, and may include daily care visits or more specialised care.

Home Care Package Providers

Many in home aged care providers offer care via a Home Care Package, but not all providers are the same. When choosing a Home Care Package provider, it’s important to keep your specific needs in mind, and discuss these openly and honestly. The best choice for you or your loved one is a provider that offers flexible, tailored aged care, including the specific services you need.

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