5 Benefits of In Home Care vs Residential Aged Care

Deciding which aged care option fits your family can be challenging. Here are some reasons why in home care may be right for you and your loved one.

1. Routine and Familiarity

Home care services allow older adults to maintain their daily routines while receiving valuable support. Does your loved one enjoy birdwatching? Or playing tennis? With residential aged care, older adults might need to give up beloved hobbies. With home care, older adults can be themselves, in the comfort of their own environment.

2. Personalised Care

Residential aged care can be helpful for some families. Yet, the care plans provided by some facilities are often ‘one size fits all’. The in home care we provide is unique and tailored to the individual. This means your loved one receives a higher quality of care specific to their needs. In home caregivers can assist with many areas of daily life. Whether your loved one needs help with cooking meals, post-hospital care, gardening or daily chores, we’ve got you covered.

3. Companionship

Social interaction is essential for good mental health and general wellbeing. Sadly, as older adults age, their social groups often dwindle. Residential aged care staff can be busy and generally can’t spend quality time with residents. In home caregivers can provide older adults with a friendly face, as well as someone to talk to. At Simply Helping, we offer a wide range of social support, from a chat over coffee, to watching a local game of footy.

4. Cost-Effective

Residential aged care facilities exclusively provide 24-hour care, which can be costly. Our home care services are flexible and charged by the hour. Even if your loved one requires daily care, in home options may be more affordable.

5. Peace of Mind

Does the thought of only seeing your loved one during visiting hours make you worry? Residential aged care restricts family involvement to certain hours. Receiving care at home affords older adults unrestricted access to their friends and family. When it comes to aged care—peace of mind goes a long way.

To find out how in home care services can assist your loved one, click here to contact your nearest Simply Helping provider.

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