3 Unusual and Effective Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Sometimes, you might have to think outside the box to get the job done right. Check out these unconventionally genius bathroom cleaning tips, for a sparkling finish, every time.

1. Fog Begone

Does your mirror fog up every time you shower, even when you turn on the fan? Try this. Spray some water on your mirror. Now, take a handful of regular shaving cream, and coat the mirror’s surface. Remove the excess with a cloth, and buff until it’s clear. Voila! No more fog.

This cleaning tip works because shaving cream contains a type of soap that leaves a thin coating on surfaces. The coating acts like a polish (without the high price tag), and will keep your mirror fog-free, even after the longest shower.

2. Soak Your Showerhead

Be honest, how often do you properly clean your showerhead? Showerheads often collect a build-up of minerals from the water, as well as slimy sludge that’s chock full of bacteria. So, if your answer is ‘not often’, that should probably change! Don’t worry, this unusual tip makes cleaning your showerhead easy.

First, grab some white vinegar. If you can remove your showerhead, submerge it in a bucket with the vinegar for a few hours, then rinse clean. If not, fill a sturdy plastic bag (like a large sandwich bag) with the vinegar. Take a rubber band and secure the bag over your showerhead so the entire head is submerged. Once again, leave it for a few hours to work its magic. Finally, run the shower for a minute or two to wash away the vinegar. Easy peasy.

3. Get Steamy

Built-up dirt and grime in the bathroom can be a real pain. Luckily, there’s an effortless way to make your regular clean fuss-free. Next time you clean, wait until you’re ready to have a shower. Go about your business, dry off and get dressed, then get to cleaning. You’ll find that the steam from your shower has loosened some of that hard-to-clean grime. Now clean as usual with a scrubbing brush or implement of your choice, and enjoy great results, without the elbow grease.

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