4 Gardening Tasks For Autumn

The weather is cooling, leaves are starting to fall, and summer growth is beginning to slow. So, it’s time to start preparing your garden for winter and ticking off your autumn gardening tasks. Not sure where to start? Here are a few autumn gardening jobs you can do now.

1. Curate Your Compost

Your compost bin needs a healthy balance of organic material. And guess what? Autumn means a heap of extra organic material (leaves), laying around for the taking. So, rather than filling up your green waste bin with leaves, fill up your compost bin instead.

Don’t have a compost bin? Click here to learn how to create your own.

2. Love Your Lawn

To keep your lawn healthy all year round, give it a little boost by fertilising in autumn. When the temperature begins to cool and the soil is still warm, your lawn’s roots will be outgrowing its foliage. Extra food will give your lawn the strength it needs to stay lush and thick, and get through the upcoming winter weather.

Also, keep an eye out for compact patches of soil in your lawn. The last few months have been (mostly) hot and dry, so the soil beneath your lawn may be hard and dense. Aerate any compact patches with a pitchfork or spiked shoes, to keep your lawn healthy for winter.

3. Prune Your Plants

To maintain the shape and size of your trees and hedges, consider pruning in autumn. Traditionally—to promote growth, the majority of pruning should be done in late winter. However, pruning now will strategically inhibit the growth of your trees.

Note: Some plants and trees should not be pruned in autumn. Before pruning, make sure to do your research to avoid damaging your trees.

4. Bury Your Bulbs

Now’s the time to plant your spring-flowering bulbs. So, prepare your soil and your bulbs, and get planting. With a bit of time, some TLC, and some patience, the work you do now will pay off tenfold in spring.

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