3 Home Appliances You Should Clean More Often

When was the last time you gave your household appliances a good clean? Can’t remember? If you’re like most Australians, chances are it’s been far too long…

While neglecting some home appliances might not be the end of the world, seldom cleaning others can have serious consequences. So, here are a few household appliances you should definitely clean more often.

The Dishwasher

It’s happened to the best of us—you put on a load of dishes, wait for the cycle to finish, open the dishwasher door, and find a stack of half-clean crockery. The likely culprit? A dirty dishwasher. That’s right, your dishwasher gets dirty too! As muck-covered plates, bowls, and cutlery go through your dishwasher, little scraps of food get caught in the filter. If you don’t empty the filter regularly, these rotting food scraps will be washed over your clean dishes during the next cycle—yuck!

Ideally, you want to clean your dishwasher/filter at least once a month, or more regularly if need be. Also, taking care to pre-rinse or thoroughly scrape your dishes, will extend time between cleans.

The Fridge

The shelves in your fridge can collect all sorts of sticky, slimy, crusty food residue, and can leave your kitchen smelling less than great. So, chances are you clean your fridge reasonably often. But did you know, you should actually clean your fridge once a week, even if it doesn’t look dirty?

Harmful bacteria can gather on the shelves in your fridge from uncovered leftovers, the outside of meat trays—you name it. If you don’t clean your fridge very regularly, this bacteria could transfer onto the food you’re about to consume. So, save yourself the stomach ache, and pull out the cleaning spray.

The Oven

Do you wrestle with baked-on grime whenever you clean your oven? You’re probably not cleaning it as often as you should! Ideally, you should clean your oven as soon as there’s a drip, spill, or splatter. Finish cooking your food, wait for your oven to reach a safe temperature, and grab out the cleaning tools (after you’ve chomped on your freshly baked snack, of course). Basically, you’ll never battle baked-on dirt if you don’t let it ‘bake on’!

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