Skincare Tips for Older Adults: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy as You Age

Keep your skin happy, healthy, and glowing with these skincare tips for older adults!

Focus on Your Nutrition and Hydration

Did you know that eating healthy foods can keep our skin looking and feeling great? Studies show that a diet rich in protein, nutrients, and unsaturated fats can lead to healthier, better-looking skin, even in older age. On the flip side, eating a heap of fatty, sugary foods can age our skin prematurely. Experts recommend preparing meals that include oily fish, like salmon, yummy veggies, like carrots and leafy greens, and juicy berries, to help with skin strength and elasticity.

If you want healthy, glowing skin, it’s important to also stay hydrated. Most older adults should drink around two litres of water each day, unless told otherwise. Water helps maintain skin elasticity and softness, which in turn improves the appearance of older skin.

Stay Sun-Smart

It’s no secret that sun exposure can affect skin health. That’s why the backs of our hands, the tops of our shoulders, and our face and neck, tend to show signs of ageing the quickest. So, try to limit your sun exposure to keep your skin safe. If you’ll be venturing outside for some fresh air, cover as much skin as possible. Always wear a hat, and apply a 50+ SPF sunscreen to any skin that can’t be covered. Not only will your skin stay healthier for longer this way, but you’ll avoid nasty sunburns too!

Personalise Your Personal Care

As we age, our skin can become thinner and more sensitive, so it’s important to approach our personal care routine with skin health in mind. Wash your skin with warm water, rather than hot, and buff gently, rather than scrubbing. Only take the necessary number of baths/showers and avoid harsh and drying soaps. Once you’ve cleaned away the day’s dirt, make sure to apply a fragrance-free moisturiser to keep your skin moist and crack-free. If you receive personal care services, ask your carer to help you modify your routine to include senior-friendly skincare.

Note: consult your doctor or dermatologist before making any changes to your diet, and before applying new creams or ointments.

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