Simply Helping Tony to Connect With His Community

Being able to socially connect with people and his chosen community is an important life goal and human need that provides Tony with purpose and happiness. Tony is living with cerebral palsy and hearing impairment.  As a person who identifies as a gay man and celebrates being part of the LGBTIQA+ community, Tony has successfully accessed the NDIS through Simply Helping Central and Northern Melbourne, to achieve his goal.

When looking for an NDIS support worker, Tony shared that what is important is “someone who doesn’t judge me. They must be interested in who I am and what I want to achieve to live an ordinary life. I want to be treated just like any other regular person you would meet on the street”.

Tony expresses that what he dislikes the most is when people make assumptions about his abilities without offering him the respect of asking and giving him choice and control. Tony shared that he often comes across people who falsely assume he is unable to have sex based on his physical disability. These experiences have all contributed to Tony being clear and decisive on the standards he sets for NDIS support workers that he will work with and the importance of educating people.

Since commencing supports with Simply Helping Central and Northern Melbourne in July 2021, Tony has been supported by support workers at Simply Helping Central and Northern Melbourne that he has valued. More recently, Support Worker Bella has supported Tony with building his capacity to attend community events including the PRIDE carnival as part of Melbourne’s Midsummer Festival, as well as the local swimming centre.

Tony’s next goal, which is currently underway with his support worker Bella, relates to his passion for educating people to break down barriers and assumptions that exist about people living with a disability. Tony will be sharing his lived experience with groups of people in intimate forums as part of Simply Helping Central and Northern Melbourne’s program called Simply Learning Through Lived Experience.

Simply Helping Central and Northern Melbourne would like to congratulate Tony for his wonderful goal achievements and acknowledge the contribution that Support Worker Bella has made to supporting Tony to live his best life.

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