No Air Conditioner? How to Keep Your Cool This Summer

Summer is a great time for socialising, exercise, gardening and exploring the world around us. However, not all summer days are pleasant. There can be those nasty days with extreme temperatures and gusty hot winds. On these days, people over the age of 65 years, children, and those with disability are more susceptible to heat-related illness. With no air conditioner in the house, how do you stay cool?

Here are 5 simple tips to keep your cool this summer:

1.    Block it Out

A lot of unwanted heat enters the home through windows. Make sure the windows are shut and close any curtains and blinds. When you know it’s going to be a scorcher of a day, do this as early in the morning as possible. Also, did you know that some light bulbs produce more heat than light? If you don’t need the light on for safety’s sake, turn it off.

2.    You Spin me Round

It may sound simple, but if you have a ceiling fan, make sure it’s spinning in an anti-clockwise direction. This will push the air down to your level. When moving air touches the skin, it creates a wind chill effect, making you feel cooler.

3. Minty Fresh

Peppermint iced tea has double cooling properties. It’s cool in temperature and stimulates circulation to invigorate energy, making us feel refreshed. You can also store some peppermint tea in a spray bottle in the fridge, then use it as a cooling body spray.

4. DIY Air Conditioner

No air con, no worries. You can make one yourself. All you need is a small fan and a frozen bottle of water. Place the frozen bottle of water on a small saucer (to catch any drips) in front of your desk fan. Voila, you have your own mini air conditioner!

5. Sleep Easy

Getting to sleep on a hot summer’s night can be difficult. Here, we turn to the Egyptians for inspiration. Dampen a sheet or towel. For some extra coolness, you could place it in a bag in the fridge for a while. Then, wrap yourself in it, using it like a cold blanket. You may need to place a dry towel on top of your mattress to absorb any moisture.

There you have it – our 5 tips to keeping your cool when it’s hot outside!

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