How to find the right pet for a senior.

To an elderly owner, a pet can mean everything. Pet ownership has many benefits including social interaction, companionship, and increased activity levels.

While the advantages of pet ownership are undeniable, there are some aspects to think about before rushing out to adopt a furry friend for your aging parent or loved one. Keep in mind the cost of pet food, vet bills, life expectancy, and how much of your loved one’s time a pet will need. All that aside, finding the right pet brings endless smiles and hours of happiness.

Here are some quick tips to finding the right type of pet for the senior in your life.

Is your loved one set in their ways?

Having maturity and life experience on their side, older people usually know who they are, what they want, and what they like to do. Life and daily routines are well and truly established. Having a pet in their life, may often warrant some amount of adjustment. If change is not your loved one’s cup of tea, it may be a good idea to opt for a pet such as a bird or goldfish.

Consider energy levels

Pets can be a great source of motivation for exercise. Physical activity is important to keep your loved one fit and healthy. However, how active is your beloved senior? Do they have limited mobility? If mobility and movement are not much of an issue, dogs can make wonderful companions. With hundreds of dog breeds out there, you will certainly find a type to suit. Some breeds such as Basset Hounds, Bulldogs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have lower energy levels. If your loved one has limited mobility but would love to own a dog, Simply Helping provides dog walking services which can help.

Low maintenance pets

If your elderly parent has a busy life by day, but like a pet to snuggle at night, a cat may be purfect ….see what I did there! Throughout time, some have said that cats are cold, disinterested, and aloof. This is actually an unfair description of our fluffy felines. Cats are quite affectionate. The best part about owning a cat is that they are quite low maintenance too. Usually a food bowl, water, litter box, and a warm lap to sleep on will satisfy these cuddly creatures.

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