How to Banish Garden Weeds Without Harsh Chemicals

Are you wrestling with unwanted weeds in your garden? Here are a few natural ways to keep your backyard weed-free (without using any harsh chemicals).

Mulch Magic

Most plants need a good dose of sunlight to thrive, and weeds are no exception. So, how do you stop weeds from growing in your garden? Block out the sun! A thick layer of mulch in your garden beds will do the trick, while also keeping your soil nice and moist. Want to be extra harsh on your pesky weeds? Install some weed matting or newspaper under your mulch to create a super strong, weed-busting barrier.

Wonderful White Vinegar

Great for salads and perfectly cooked poached eggs, vinegar is also a fantastic weed killer. Simply mix equal parts white vinegar and water and give your weeds a good douse. After a few applications, your weeds will begin to wither away, leaving plenty of room for your plants to thrive.

Just FYI—many gardening blogs recommend creating a solution of water, salt, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid to banish weeds. This method works wonders, but it’s also horrible for your garden! Dishwashing liquid often contains chemicals that can harm the environment. And salt can leech into your garden beds, ensuring no plants (even the ones you want!) will grow.

Boiling Water Blitz

Ready for some boiling hot wisdom? Pouring boiled water directly on weeds is a natural and super effective way to send them packing! By covering worrisome weeds in boiling water, you’ll cook them instantly from the foliage to the root. However, hard, and woody weeds may need multiple applications. So, next time you’re making a cuppa, add some extra water to your kettle and get pouring.

Note: To avoid burns, be really careful when handling boiling water. Wear thick gloves, closed-toed shoes, and long pants to avoid burns due to splashback and spillage.

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