Bushfire Preparedness Tips

Bushfires can rage out of control quickly. It’s crucial you have a secure plan in place should you need to leave in a bushfire emergency. While we all hope for the best, it’s important to know and practise what to do in a worst-case scenario. These tips will help you prepare and stay safe in case of a bushfire emergency.

Plan to leave early

Don’t be tempted to stay and fight a fire. As hard as it is to leave your home behind, and all your possessions, the best thing to do in a fire is to leave. After all, your home and everything in it is useless if you’re not around to enjoy it!

Have a plan

Be prepared.  Make an emergency fire escape plan. Make sure your carer, family, or neighbours know about your plan, and have practised it with you before. Your plan should include details such as when you will leave (is it when the fire danger zone gets to extreme?), where you will be going to stay temporarily, how you will get there, and a relocation kit. Your kit should include essential and important items, and placed in a spot where it can be grabbed quickly when needed. The CFA recommends your kit includes items such as:

  • A change of clothes and toiletries.
  • Any medications you take.
  • First aid kit.
  • Wool blankets.
  • Important information and documents, such as passport, will, photos, jewellery.
  • Mobile phone and charger.
  • Water

Community support

If you don’t currently have a carer or family member close by who are able to help you leave in an emergency bushfire situation, the next best option is to make sure you have some strong community connections. Ensure your neighbours or at least a few other people close by know your escape plan and can help you in case of emergency.

Always be prepared

Even if you don’t live in a bushfire prone area, it’s important to have a plan in case of a house fire. To find out more about how to prevent house fires and prepare an emergency fire plan, click here.

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