Simply Helping Kathy and Rebecca achieve their career goals

In early 2022, sisters and best friends Kathy and Rebecca were contemplating a career change. Having worked in various industries including logistics, domestic and commercial cleaning, and being full-time mums, they both knew they wanted a change and to move into an industry with purpose.

Kathy and Rebecca love working with people and supporting them to live a good life and achieve their goals.

Rebecca grew up adoring her grandparents and frequenting the local RSL, where she would spend her weekends engaging, laughing, and connecting with the local community.

Kathy, a mum and grandmother of 2, has always considered herself down to earth and a good communicator. Her life experience and appreciation of diversity have helped her to easily connect with a wide range of people and be open to supporting their needs, however different and unique they are.

As they commenced their search for a new career, Kathy contacted WISE Employment and, through her assigned Job Coach, was put in touch with Simply Helping Central and Northern Melbourne.

Rebecca said, “As soon as I went for an interview and met the team at Simply Helping, I knew I wanted to work for this company. The people were friendly and supportive. We were offered the opportunity to attend an interview with other companies, but I just didn’t feel the same vibe.”

Kathy and Rebecca independently applied for a role at Simply Helping. They were so excited to learn that their applications were successful and they would commence their training and new careers as Support Workers. WISE Employment provided wonderful support to Kathy and Rebecca to ensure all checks, including NDIS worker screening, police check and WWCC, were obtained. “Having this extra support was fantastic and helped me to quickly obtain all the training and credentials I needed to get started, including First Aid and CPR,” said Kathy.

Since commencing their role, Kathy and Rebecca have received regular on-the-job training, coaching, and feedback to support building their skills. Simply Helping Central and Northern Melbourne has also carefully matched the support required by participants to the skills of the Support Worker, which has meant that both Rebecca and Kathy have been able to prioritise quality and safety.

“I would highly recommend to anyone who has ever had the slightest thought about becoming a Support Worker to give it a go. Pick up the phone and call Simply Helping. My new career has changed my life, and I look forward to waking up and seeing my clients every day,” said Kathy.

At Simply Helping Central and Northern Melbourne, we are passionate about supporting our people to achieve their goals, as much as we love supporting NDIS participants to achieve their goals.

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